No Credit Renting – Got Questions? Get Answers.

Find the answers to frequently asked questions you may have before applying and getting started.

What options do you have to help me?

We have 3 service options to suit your needs. By fillig out our Apartment Solutions Finder, you will get the best solution for you based on your answers. Be honest when answering the questions for best results. Trying to manipulate the responses to get what you want, but only temporarily. We will ultimately find out what is going on and you will be back to square one.

Since 2009 property owners, landlords, apartment complexes and property management companies have trusted us with their business. has been very successful with no complaints to date from our rental guarantee program clients as well as rental providers. Our trained and knowledgeable staff are here to answer all your questions from the first point of contact. You will be pleased to know you are in good hands with our rental guarantee program.

Do I have to pay you a fee every month?

Never. All you have to pay your one time fee for any of our 3 program choices. There are no monthly fees to us, ever. All you need to do is pay the property you moved into the monthly rent and any utilites they bill you for that are sub-metered.

How much does your program cost?

By doing the solutions finder on our home page, once complete, you will be taken to the correct page to give you more information about the specific program you qualify for. All the pricing for the different programs we offer are listed on the service page for that specific product.

What if I know where I want to move to?

Well, that’s great news! and really half the battle. If you know where you want to live, you can just put that on the application. There’s a spot for that.

Does the property I pick HAVE to accept "corporate leases"?

No. You don’t have to pick a place that takes “corporate leases’. Just let us know in advance. We have a special program to cater to properties that don’t do corporate leases.

Does your company charge any application fees at all ?

No, we charge no upfront application fees to tell you if we can help you. Sometimes, no matter what, we just can’t help. Doesn’t mean we are a scam because we refuse to take your money. That’s not how scams work. If this confuses you greatly and you think otherwise, see the definition of scam here: fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; if we don’t ask for money, we are not a scam. We are just busy helping people that we know we can help.

Do you have any references?

Absolutely! Just ask us and we will ask permission from one of our recent customers that just moved in to give you the low down. We are not worried by giving our real references. However, we don’t appreciate people making assumptions about our business that have not used our business and like to speculate and theorize without actual results or interaction what we are and what we are not. Same way, you wouldn’t appreciate people making jusgements on what kind of person you are by looking at you, by people that have never spoken to you.

Why should I use your company instead of another company like yours?

Simple. We tell you upfront whether we can help or not ((even if it hurts your feelings at the time)). We never take someone’s money wihtout a full application first. Our fees are less. We charge no monhtly fees. We are approved as a legit business and can take credit cards. We guarantee our services 100%. Backed by a money back guarantee. If you paid us a small fee to start and for any reason, you didn’t get approved, you don’t need to dispute the charge. Just ask for refund. We wont dispappear and give you the run around. We would liek to remain in good standing with our merchant processor.

Why can't you help me for free?

This is kind of a no brainer, but we are a business and have bills and people to pay. We also like to eat once in a while and so do our kids. Please don’t call and ask for free help. We are not a non-profit organization.

See How Much Rent You Qualify For

Use your total gross (pre-tax) monthly income of all members of your household that contribute to household bills every month